Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Olympic Letter!

Today, we wrote a letter to the International Olympic Committee!

If you want to view it, click Here!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July Holidays

It was the July holidays, and I only had one thing planned… Going to Manaia’s house! I was excited and curious to see what we would do there, I guess we were soon going to find out! Long minutes passed as I waited for the right moment. Nothing really happened in the time, but when the clock finally reached half past one, we were on our way over there.

Dad and I finally reached our destination, after driving from Hexton to her house. Knocking on the large, wooden door, we were greeted by two bright faces, Manaia and her Mum. ”Hello!” I loudly greeted. After being greeted, I walked inside of the house. Curiously following Manaia to her room. We were both very stumped on what we were going to do! Finally figuring it out, we walked outside to our idea…
The trampoline!!
Quickly climbing on, we just... bounced. We were very energetic kangaroos! Before we had started bouncing, we were bursting with energy! But when we had jumped on the tramp for a few minutes, we were so tired!! We followed up with a game of Jungle Chess. We finished that and we were once again stumped. Manaia and I kind of just talked, but still, some very random things did happen in the moment of time.

We figured out that the fingerprint cookies Selena and her friend had made were done, we grabbed a few and started crunching on them. They were a delightful snack, but now… it was time to figure out what we were going to do next...

Our final activities were the trampoline once again, and then calmly watching TV. A couple of minutes into the channel, Dad pulled up in the silver van outside. Selena had informed me that he was outside, so I walked out the door, waved goodbye, and Dad and I were on our way home. Phew!  What a fun day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What i'm up to!

Hello World!
Today i'm in my Mums work. Its pretty boring.. so i'm just on my Chromebook. My sister is hogging the other laptop she brought so Casey has NOTHING do!
Bye guys!

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